I seem to be on a "resurrection roll" for old web sites ... but so much of my old stuff is inter-linked, once I dealt with one, it seemed only natural to deal with the next.

Actually, BTRIPP.com has been up the whole while, but it's been probably a decade since it was updated (I'd been having a problem with spammers using my e-mail as a "from" domain back then, so I had a note up about that up front, with a link going to the ancient equivalent of this page behind it), and I'm sure anybody following the domain from my e-mail address were sorely disappointed!

However, as I'm currently getting various long-dormant projects back on the web, I figured I'd dust off this page, give it a new look and new content, and start using it as a sig target. So, welcome to the new site!

  My main blog ... been writing in there since 5/5/2000   My book review blog ... over 750 reviews up there  

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I started Eschaton Books back in 1993,
initially to publish my poetry ... and a couple
of decades later, it's cycled back to that!

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The first 25 years of my career were spent between my family's PR firm, and Eschaton ... since then it's been a bit of a whirl. I haven't added links to most of the following because so many have disppeared into that void where abandoned web sites (and unrenewed domain names) go. Some of these you might be able to find on archive.org, but that would just be stalking.

If you want to hire me (a splended idea!), you can check out my LinkedIn profile or my on-line résumé.


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